The Association for the Study of Jewelry & Related Arts is pleased to be supporting Nicolas Cuellar and Harris Karlin to produce the documentary film “A Story to Wear”.

The Association for the Study of Jewelry and Related Arts, LLC (ASJRA) is an organization dedicated to the advancement of jewelry studies. It is also committed to the dissemination of knowledge to anyone who is interested in the history of jewelry. ASJRA takes a broad approach to the subject, seeking to understand and place jewelry within a variety of contexts, including from the ancient past to present day, the decorative arts, and fashion.

ASJRA publishes Adornment, the Magazine of Jewelry and Related Arts (a quarterly), an extensive monthly newsletter on everything that is happening in the jewelry world, and organizes an annual conference as a forum for curators, historians, researchers, and artists to present new and interesting information about jewelry among other activities.

ASJRA's directors also consider it their mission to encourage the inclusion of courses in jewelry history at the college and graduate level for both applied jewelry students and decorative arts majors and seeks to aid institutions in that pursuit. They promote the development of study programs for jewelry design and jewelry history students at museums.

ASJRA is also working to make available inaccessible publications and information for educators, researchers, and collectors.

Membership in ASJRA is open to anyone who loves jewelry.